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Joins and play music in a channel.
Connects, or moves the bot to a voice channel.
Stream random songs from some radio stations.
Disconnects the bot from voice channel.
Set the time marker of the music playback.
Adds a song at the start of the queue.
DMs you the now playing message with the song URL.
Pause the music player.
Set the volume of the music player.
Stop and clear the music player.
Resume the music queue.
Moves tracks within the queue.
Shows what's currently playing.
Applies bass boost to the music.
Configure user/channel/role ignoring.
Link/manage Patron membership.
Shows the current queue.
Clears the current queue.
Clear songs based on certain variables
Vote to skip the current music track.
Search and see YouTube results.
Skips the current track.
Search and see SoundCloud results.
Remove a song from the queue.
Set if the music player should repeat.
Shows the lyrics of the current song.
Restart the current song.
Skip the current music track.
Apply audio filters to the music such as speed and pitch.
Shuffles the queue order around.
Change the prefix of the bot in your server.
Change various settings for the bot in your server.

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Add Octave for the premium music bot experience, and add Octave Canary for an alpha version of upcoming updates to Octave. Additionally, add both so your server can listen to music in two channels at once!
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